>Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator
Unique Features :
  • Long-term, Sustainable Power
  • Reliable, maintenance-free performances
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Non-polluting and eco-friendly
  • Complete, all-inclusive power system

Solar Water Pumps

PV pump system constiuted with 4 parts : Solar array, PV pump inverter, Threephase AC pump and water storage device. The solar array absorbs the sunshine energy, converting the energy to electricity for the system power supply. PV pumping inverter converts DC voltage from the solar array into AC voltage to drive the pump. Pumping water from deep well, river, lake, etc. Then send water to the destination to meet our demand of water. And it could achieve the real-time outputting voltage and frequency regulation according to the change of sunshine, achieving the MPPT, maximizing the use of solar energy.

The PV pump system, follow the low carbon, the energy conservation, the environmental protection concept, improve the living standard in water-deficient area. The market prospect and social value is great.

Main Components of the Solar PV Power Generating System

●    Solar PV Array of required capcity to generate power

●    Solar Charge Controller Unit to regulate the power

●   A Battery Bank to store the power (not required for solar pumps)

●    High efficient power inverter to convert the DC to AC for powering conventional loads

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