Solar Photovoltaic Modules


>Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator
Unique Features :
  • Long-term, Sustainable Power
  • Reliable, maintenance-free performances
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Non-polluting and eco-friendly
  • Complete, all-inclusive power system

Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Our high quality Solar Modules are made by using the best efficiency solar cells procured from renowned & best suppliers in the world. We thrive on quality, efficiency and performance. Our high efficiency Solar PV Modules are globally recognized for best in class output & reliability. Anushree Greentech Solar PV Modules are PID resistant, with positive power tolerance upto +5W.

Quality Efficiency and Performance

●    10 Years Limited product Warranty.

●    25 years Limited Power Output Warranty

●   Minimum 90% at the end of 12 years

●    Minimum 80% at tthe end of 25 years

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