Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator


>Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator
Unique Features :

●   Modular with high durability solar grade reflectors upto 90% reflectivity.

●   PLC based daily tracking system.

●   IBR approved receiver and drum designs.

●   Approved and tested at authorized test centre of MNRE.

●   Can work for 250 to 300 days in a year.

●   Can be easily integrated with the existing system.

Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator

Solar parabolic dish concentrator consists of a concentrator which uses solar grade mirrors as reflectors and a receiver. The sunlight is concentrated onto the receiver and the medium which flows through the receiver gets heated up. Solar parabolic dish concentrators can be effectively retrofitted / integrated with steam boilers, hot water boilers, absorption cooling etc. so that solar energy can be used as a supplementary source to conventional energy systems like LPG / Diesel fired boilers.

Main Components of the Solar PV Power Generating System

●    Solar PV Array of required capcity to generate power

●    Solar Charge Controller Unit to regulate the power

●   A Battery Bank to store the power (not required for solar pumps)

●    High efficient power inverter to convert the DC to AC for powering conventional loads

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Specifications :
Major axis diameter 5,302 m
Minor axis diameter 3,863 m
Reflective area 16 m2
Space required per dish 7m (N-S) X 5m (E-W)

Can generate hot water temperature within temperature range 85 - 140 deg C
Can generate steam within pressure range 1 - 5 bar
Avg heat output per day 20 - 25 kWh

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